Apps Review: Acronis Backup 12.5, The Whole Nice Security Backup

Acronis Backup 12.5
New Product From Acronis is promise for industries to fight WannaCry 

This time, A computer without protection against so important. Where many malware attacks in the form of anything. Including Troja, Wannacry and many more. Which can paralyze all systems in your company. Of course, not usually your company data is gone or hijack with hacker. But your important data like project or treasury then security number is allowed acces. 

But now, There is now the option to save your company data from malware attacks like wannacry. Like Acronis, the software company who grown up and also save your data backup preventive from another attack. 

And also, Acronis who launchi they a new product. So we called Acronis Backup 12.5. Sure, it will be mos important product for this year. 

How about protection for platform, sure it,s more 20 platform could be protected with acronis backup 12.5. Like, Windows, Macos, Office365, Azure, Linux, HyperV, Red Hat, iOS, Android and many more. 

But not to for platform they protected, also protect to application on platform, such Microsoft SQL, and many application on various notebook and computer.  Also, they have an encryption to protect your important data. Maybe, this feature so crucial. And then, thanks to Acronis to certainly this feature is roughly there. 

How About Installation 

Acronis backup 12.5 was easy to install. They ready for any platform and also many Operating System. Such a Linux, MacOS (OSX), Windows, kernel and many more. Also, if you download. Then, you just download application. 

After download, make sure your laptop or computer is healthy. Cause installation was very fast and Acronis is not installed when your computer is bad health. 

Very easy and useful for beginner or employee on your company 

Let,s move to view of Application. 

Move to view of application. It seems like, simple not much window and blue are dominated on this application. Likely much simplicity of the software. 

And then move to the dashboard, information is fully packed.  Another reason to use this Acronis Backup 12.5, the dashboard very much information than you know. You know about capacity backup, also security or subscription in one place. 

I like it very much, because many people hate or doesn,t like when information doesn,t had in one place. But Acronis very simple and the information much a lot here.

The performance very nice and beautiful 


About perfomance, i think Acronis was cool now. Because they claim have many firewall to prevent another treat from hacker. Also in the future of malware, such WannaCry and we don,t know about ransomware in another future time. 

Also, it’s application doesn’t like delay. Maybe, it,s should delay cause your computer slowly. But it,s very fastest to use. Also when uploading is easy but many factor to upload your backup data. It,s depend on internet connection or speed of internet. Maybe in Indonesian, speed upload could be worse than download. 
But overall very good to perfomance of Acronis Backup 12.5 very good and recommended to use any company and personal. But for uploading, depend on your internet speed connection. Mayeb recommended use 4G broadband internet for great uploading. 


Seems like, Acronis declare most safety and secure backup data. I think it’s true, because the data backup should be secure and safe. Also, they have alot backup data such cloud and encryption. The last one was so cool, beause many competitor have cloud but no one have encryption. The Acronis have both of them. 

It likely double secure to important data. Such a legal report, financial report or secret launch of product and trailer movie. Yes, Acronis very secure for important data. And then, your data secure in another place. 

But in the encryption, the weakness is use password. And if you don’t know a password. Maybe say goodbye to your data. because, they won’t to change or reset your password. And for security reason now. 

But you should save a password or make some unique password for kind remember in the future. 


Acronis Backup 12.5 very great and recommended to use with whole company. Yes, should use that. Because the perfomance and view of application are the best for now. But, many factor is made for new generation for windows and take a new step for authentification. 

For price i think is worth it now. And also many company are urgently use this one for save a data in many time and anywhere. 
Apps Review: Acronis Backup 12.5, The Whole Nice Security Backup Apps Review: Acronis Backup 12.5, The Whole Nice Security Backup Reviewed by Adiyasa Prahenda on 8:12:00 AM Rating: 5

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