Substitute Dogs, Goats Can Be Pets

Substitute Dogs, Goats Can Be Pets
Substitute Dogs, Goats Can Be Pets (Telegraph)

So far we know that the dog is an animal that is intelligent and loyal to their owners, but what about the goat? Goats have long been regarded as farm animals not human companion animals such as dogs. However, animal scientist revealed that goats can be a tough opponent dogs in terms of emotional connection with their owners.

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London proved that the goat is actually smarter than what many people previously thought. They can also interact with humans similar to a pet at home.
Recent research documented in Biological Letters shows that the goat would stare and requested that the current owners of their difficulty in performing tasks. The behavior is similar to that practiced by the dog. This is different from other animals such as wolves who never learned how to relate to humans.

The researchers also demonstrated that the goats can get out of the box is closed using tools. A similar study was conducted in primates. They even can be given that expertise in the four years to come.

Goat is the first livestock species were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. In some countries, many of which make the goat as an expression for people who are less intelligent when it should not. According to investigators, different goats from the sheep. Goats are smarter and can interact with people beyond the sheep.

With the research on goats, it is hoped they can be bred better. Researchers think that may be because the goat had tens of thousands of years bred, so they have a lot of experience with humans. Unlike the newly bred sheep lately.
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