Electricity Saving Tips when Using Air Conditioning

Electricity Saving Tips when Using Air Conditioning
Electricity Saving Tips when Using Air Conditioning

Electricity costs will never go down, then we should downsize. But that does not mean to eliminate one of the comforts of home such as the use of air conditioning load. As long as you know how, you can save on paying electricity although AC is continued.

Electricity Saving Tips when Using Air Conditioning

Do not set the temperature below 22 degrees.
Many people who set the room temperature at 16-18 degrees cooler in order to cool the room faster. Though this way is wrong because the air conditioning compressor will work harder, so that electric power is used even greater.

The room temperature in Indonesia is almost nothing in figure 16 degrees. So the AC machine will work stably when it is in accordance with the temperature of the room. In general, the room temperature in tropical areas such as Indonesia around 22 degrees.

Make sure the room is always closed.
AC will try to adjust to room temperature. When there is a gap open space, then the air conditioner will strive to continuously adjust the temperature. Therefore, make sure the room is really closed when the air conditioning is turned on.

What about the air conditioning in the open space, such as a family room? Especially for this, of course, air conditioning will indeed be difficult to achieve the average temperature for the room more open and spacious. This condition also causes the AC will continue to work harder.

Clean the AC Every 3 Months.
Dirty AC will affect the performance of the air conditioner. If the AC is dirty, then the engine will require extra work to be able to cool the room. Not only can waste power, your air conditioner will be broken.

Ideally, air conditioning in the house should be cleaned regularly at least every three months. If within a period of three months, there is still clean, doesn't mean the inside is also clean.

Make sure the room is free of dust.
Dust is the main enemy of the AC. The part that must be considered is the cleanliness and the upper wall cabinets.

When the dust that accumulates and is then sucked piecemeal by the air conditioner, the engine will be hard work to cool the air. If this happens, more electricity will be used

Give pause when accidentally turn off the AC.
Do you ever accidentally pressed the button off the AC? What to do next? If the answer immediately press the key again to make the air conditioning back on, should begin now more cautious.

Knowingly or not, these habits will make the air conditioner was so easily broken. The power supply voltage becomes unstable because the engine is forced straight back on. When something like this happens, you should please allow a few moments and then AC can be switched on as usual.  
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