Beware When You Hitted By a Car with 3 Men in It

Robbery ilustration

Robber has many ways to snatch our stuff. These might often occured in our neighborhood. Offender deliberately crashed his car into ours, and then came out to apologize that he was drowsy. Usually they use rented car for this action, and there are more than 3 people in the car.

For normal reaction when our car was hit deliberately, we stopped to ask for liabilility from the perpetrators. Then they also automatically stopped too. Then the offender get out of his car and he said willing to responsible for any damages and pay all the costs. 
In cases, they ask us to follow them to their suggested repair shop or to go to an ATM to withdraw money to pay you the compensation. 
Then, after being in a rather quiet place on the route they had planned, where only few people passes by or in a such dark place, suddenly actors stop and block our path. Bang! It is a trap, you’re being robbed. They took anything valuables from your car. Jewelry, wallet, mobile phones just grabbed.

So be careful. You should pass this information to friends or relatives who always driving alone. To be more cautious and raise awareness on the streets. Especially when they get hit by someone else's car. If you have vehicle’s insurance, just go away from the scene and claim the lost later after you reach a secured place.

Paying the administration claiming fee was worth enough then dealing with the robbers. This case had really happened, please keep the safety of yourself.

The characteristics of the perpetrator: Usually the performers wearing attribute of religious leaders, so people would see him like a good person. But his appearance was just a camouflage. It is just to trick potential victims which not realize. So beware, spread this article to all friends and relatives, keep the vigilance.
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